Vanessa Trenton

Vanessa Trenton is an actor who has trained in Toronto, Halifax, and New York City. She also coordinates FEM Script Lab, a script development workshop for female screenwriters.


When did you first think of yourself as an artist?

I suppose I've always been an artist without actually using the label itself. Since the arts have always been a huge part of my life, it never felt necessary to take on a title. I was surrounded by music, TV, and movies growing up thanks to my parents. I also started reading and writing at a very young age. I was fortunate that creativity was encouraged both at home and at school.


Who helped you develop your voice as an artist?

Several teachers of mine have had an immense influence on my life. I attribute much of my success as a human being to the remarkable skills and important guidance they shared with me. Beyond that, exposing myself to as much art as possible and following those whose work I admire have helped me to understand in greater detail what drives me artistically.


What’s something that’s inspired you this week?

The obvious answer would be the March for Our Lives. No explanation needed there. Shifting gears, I also started listening to Leisure, a band from New Zealand that I'm really enjoying right now. Music is the main thing that keeps me going. I also had a conversation with a friend who recently rid herself of a nagging sense of negativity and, as a result, feels a hell of a lot lighter. It was inspiring to hear that she made a change that felt necessary and see her eyes flicker with renewed hope.


What’s your favourite restaurant in the city to visit?

There are so many great restaurants in Toronto. A front-runner would be Lahore Tikka House. Everything I've ever eaten there has been ridiculously delicious. It's like they serve magic on a plate. I also have been getting a kick out of Hello 123 lately. I love their food and the vibe of the restaurant is cool without being pretentious.


What do you want to see more of on Toronto stages?

The only thing I ever want to see on stage are people who are present: they are listening and talking to each other in real time and going after an objective that means something to them. So, I'll always request more of that.


Vanessa is performing in Mixie and the Halfbreeds with fu-GEN Asian Canadian Theatre Company at Pia Bouman Studio - Studio A/Theatre April 3 - 15.

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