Anita Majumdar


Anita Majumdar is an award-winning actress, playwright and is trained in classical Indian dance which she has integrated into her three coming-of-age solo shows. The Fish Eyes Trilogy follows the lives of teenage girls who attend the same high school and process their real-life dilemmas through dance, while exploring the heartaches of youth and the meaning of heritage.


When did you first think of yourself as an artist?

When Now Magazine gave me a shout out in their post-SummerWorks wrap up. My name was in the same breath as d’bi Young!


Who helped you develop your voice as an artist?

There were many, but one of the first was Gregory Prest, the first director/dramaturge of Fish Eyes. He pushed me to get comfortable with letting the serious and the absurd live side by side.


What’s something that’s inspired you this week?
Fenty Beauty by Rihanna! Crowds of colour gathered around the Fenty aisle at  Sephora because a makeup company finally thought to include their skin colours when they were devising the line… gives me tremendous, INCLUSIVE hope.


What’s your favourite restaurant in the city to visit?

Terroni. I love how fresh everything tastes… and it doesn’t hurt that this was the place my now husband took me on our first date.


What do you want to see more of on Toronto stages?
More of Toronto. More of the colours… the shapes… the sizes… the genders that make Toronto… Toronto.


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