Audrey Dwyer


Audrey Dwyer is the Playwright & Director of Calpurnia, a co-production from Nightwood Theatre and Sulong Theatre. A graduate of the National Theatre School, Audrey Dwyer was the Associate Artistic Director of Nightwood Theatre in 2008, and more recently helmed Cow Over Moon Children’s Theatre as Artistic Director. In 2015, she was the recipient of the Cayle Chernin Award for Theatre. Most recently, she was on the critically acclaimed Baroness Von Sketch Show.


When did you first think of yourself as an artist?

There was no one defining moment for me, exactly. I started feeling more curious about process than result early in my career. I sought out different artistic responsibilities and began working with artists who were very different from me. I began thinking of myself as an artist when I found new ways to work. I worked with dancers, aerialists, and puppeteers. I started painting, drawing, and writing. I worked in film, sketch comedy and improv, and tv. I began dramaturging and directing. Once I moved away from a particular approach and learned that there are so many ways to begin a piece, I began to feel I could call myself an artist.


Who helped you develop your voice as an artist?

My teachers, my mentors and my friends have helped me develop my voice. I’m lucky to be surrounded by people who push me and who are open to different ways of creating.


What’s something that’s inspired you this week?

This week (and most weeks) it’s my chosen family that inspires me. They are fierce, hilarious, intelligent and passionate. They show up. They speak their minds. They are so wise and thoughtful. I’m inspired by their commitment to themselves and their communities.


What’s your favourite restaurant in the city to visit?

All You Can Eat Sushi at New Generation is where you’ll find me! Great sushi and excellent service!


What do you want to see more of on Toronto stages?

I want to see more work created by marginalized people.


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