Ashley Botting

Ashley will be performing in Beautiful Man

May 4 - 26, 2019 at Factory Theatre - Mainspace


Ashley Botting is an award-winning actor, writer, improviser, singer and alumna of The Second City Mainstage and The Second City Guide to the Symphony. Most recently Ashley remounted her Fringe hit, Ashley With a “Y”, a completely improvised musical cabaret, to rave reviews. The show was named NOW Magazine’s top comedy show of 2018. Ashley is also a guest-host, writer and regular panelist on CBC Radio One’s Because News. Ashley has written for the Emmy-winning show Odd Squad where she also plays everyone's favourite pizza lady, Delivery Debbie, and her voice can be heard on the cartoons The Ridonculous Race, Arthur, Z-Squad and Beywheelz.

When did you first think of yourself as an artist?

At 9 years old, when most young girls were asking for Barbies, I asked for a typewriter to write my masterpiece, "Aunt Gertrude". Gertrude was a hard woman who just needed the right family to soften her.

Who helped you develop your voice as an artist?

My singing teacher, David Dunbar. He taught me so much about allowing myself to be heard. He also told me "if it applies to one art form, it applies to all art forms", which I still repeat all the time because I wear many different artistic hats.

What’s something that’s inspired you this week?

I'm currently watching Mad Men again. I am inspired by everything in that show, but I love how they ask their audience to fill in lots of blanks. It makes me lean in more.

What’s your favourite restaurant in the city to visit?

I really love Fat Pasha. That roasted cauliflower thing? Come ON!

What do you want to see more of on Toronto stages?

I'd love to see more improvisers cast in Toronto theatre productions. There seems to be a divide in the communities and there shouldn't be - improvisers are incredibly adept actors. So I guess what I'm really saying is that I'd like to see more of me on Toronto stages.