Lion in the Streets

February 11 - 25, 2021

A Tarragon Acoustic Production in association with PlayME Podcast's Laura Mullin and Chris Tolley

Playwright(s): Judith Thompson

Directed by:
Djanet Sears

John David Blackwood
Susan Coyne
Martin Julien
Nancy Palk

Seventeen years ago, Isobel was murdered at the tender age of nine. Now she finds herself back in her previous life as a ghost searching for the person responsible for her untimely death. But this time she’s powerful, having the ability to watch over the living, observe them, and sometimes interact with them. Isobel has been paying attention to her former neighbours, and it’s not long before she begins to suffer along with them during their dark and horrific private experiences. Will she finally get the peace she’s been yearning for?

Lion in the Streets was first produced at Tarragon in November 1990.

Please disregard the performance schedule. You can listen to Lion in the Streets anytime, day or night, from February 11, 2021 8:00 PM – February 25, 2021 11:59 PM.

Upcoming Performances:

No performances scheduled.