The Ministry of Mundane Mysteries: Playdate Edition

August 10 - September 4, 2020

Outside the March

Directed by:
Creator(s): Nick Blais, Katherine Cullen, Mitchell Cushman, Anahita Dehbonehie, Colin Doyle, Sebastien Heins, Amy Keating and Griffin McInnes in collaboration with the cast

Liz Johnston
Christy Bruce
Colin Doyle
Jillian Welsh

This interactive theatre experience can be experienced by two households at a time. You know… like a playdate! That means you can share the experience with a friend or family member outside of your bubble.

You’ll get a series of short daily phone calls delving into your very own mundane mystery. We’ll also send you activities to do with your friend each day, developed with our friends at Theatre Direct so that you can expand the story and jumpstart your imagination — while giving your parents a chance to catch their dang breath.

Playdate is adapted from The Ministry of Mundane Mysteries, Outside the March’s hit phone-based immersive experience that has played to hundreds of households on every continent since the pandemic began

“It was made-to-measure... it was executed so generously... It asked about my world, listened and then let me slip free of it, at 10-minute intervals.”

- New York Times

“There’s been a lot of immersive theatre in my little life. This was my favourite.”


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