Like No Tomorrow: An Apocalypse Anthology

August 17, 2020

Harpy Productions and Sophie Rivers

Writer(s): Miranda Barrett, Monica Cross, Georgy Pleece, Scott C. Sickles, Michelle J. Hughes, Hannah Kennedy, Lin Robinson, Sophie Rivers

Directed by:
Nell Bailey, Kitty Ball, Noga Flashion, Lata Nobes, Amelia Pearce, Sabrina Richmond, Theodor Spiridon

We are currently living in uncertain and scary times. Across the world, creative industries have been hit hard. Globally, people are experiencing rapid change in their lives which can lead to varying degrees of emotional distress and instability within their mental health. It can truly feel like the world is ending. Sophie Rivers is teaming up with Harpy Productions to establish a creative outlet, essential in this time of turbulence. For one night only, a variety of artistic creators will be coming together to stream original theatrical works - all of which will be themed around the Apocalypse and the end of days. We engage this subject (swaddled in real anxiety) with satire, dark humour, and hope. The money raised from patrons and the audience members will be directed to The Samaritans Organization (UK), who provide support to people affected by emotional distress. We are proud to be apart of Thornhill Theatre Space World Wide Virtual Fringe! Theatre companies from around the world will be presenting their work in a digital format, whether that be a live stream, a zoom performance or a podcast, this is a month of fun you won’t want to miss! Keep an eye on their social media pages for all the up-to-date information!

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