The Ministry of Mundane Mysteries

April 13 - May 30, 2020

Outside the March

Creator(s): Nick Blais, Katherine Cullen, Mitchell Cushman, Anahita Dehbonehie, Colin Doyle, Sebastien Heins, Amy Keating and Griffin McInnes in collaboration with the cast

Jamie Cavanah, Shannon Currie, Colin Doyle, Sheri Godda, Sebastien Heins, Toby Hughes, Liz Johnston, Jonathan Shaboo

Sparking Connections Through Telephonic Investigation.

Book a personalized, weeklong subscription to this auditory adventure for yourself or a loved one. This custom, improvised narrative experience unfolds over a week’s worth of short daily phone calls (Monday thru Saturday), as our intrepid private investigators delve into your very own micro mystery using the investigative power of good conversation. At this moment of uncertainty, leave some of the pondering to the professionals as we work with you to untangle meaning from meaninglessness in the mundane.

Please note that 100% of the ticket revenue collected will go directly to employ performers who have recently lost income due to the COVID-19 Crisis, and now coincidently just so happen to work for the Ministry.

An Experience for All Ages
This experience is designed to be customizeable for clients of any age. For young mystery-seekers 6-12, we recommend teaming up with a parent or guardian (at no extra charge).

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Can’t get out to the theatre? Order up a play on your phone

- Carly Maga, The Toronto Star

Outside the March, those masters of immersive theatre, are offering The Ministry of Mundane Mysteries, a series of light-hearted interactive mysteries that unfold over six daily phone calls.

- Toronto Life

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