November 7 - 20, 2019

Pleiades Theatre

Playwright(s): Stéphane Brulotte

Directed by:
Majdi Bou-Matar

Saïd Benyoucef
Adam Paolozza

Besbouss is the fictional account of a Tunisian forensic pathologist, Karim Djebara, tasked with an autopsy on the body of Mohamed Bouazizi, the young street vendor whose self-immolation launched the Arab Spring. Charged by his government’s authorities with clearing them of any blame, Dr. Djebara must grapple with his country’s past, present and future as he decides whether to risk his own career by preserving the truth and dignity of the young deceased lying on the autopsy table before him.

Besbouss puts a human face on the unique struggles of Middle Eastern politics. It provides for an all too rare opportunity for Canadians to interact with a part of the world that deeply affects us, yet about which many of us know so little.

- Andrey Tarasiuk

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