The Ends of the Earth

August 22 - September 1, 2019

Don't Look Down Theatre Company

Playwright(s): Morris Panych

Directed by:
Cedric Martin

Ryan Kotack
Lindsey Middleton
Gordon Harper
Mona Hillis

Frank, having dedicated his life to the unremarkable, and Walker, paranoid since being struck by lighting at age three, attempt to flee from each other and end up following each other instead. They find themselves in a run-down hotel operated by deaf and misdirected Willy and blind Alice, who has a murderous dislike for visitors. Morris Panych's brilliant tale reminds us all that fear can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

[The] script really shines in Don’t Look Down’s production, particularly when it comes to dialogue and moment-to-moment humour.

- Jennifer Enchin, Mooney on Theatre, review of Criminal Genius by George F. Walker, directed by Cedric Martin

Lovely, focused work from this cast

- Cate McKim, Life with more cowbell, review of The Valley by Joan MacLeod, produced by Don't Look Down

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