dance: made in canada/fait au canada - Cruz Series

August 16 - 18, 2019

princess productions

Choreographer(s): Jolene Bailie

Danielle Baskerville
Alexandra Elliott
Ian Mozdzen
Carol-Ann Bohrn

Logarian Rhapsody Is an ecstatically unrelenting duet that is never the same twice. Spewing whispers of desire, urgency, and unattainable need, Elliott and Mozdzen transform your reality. In Janus is a god we see DA Hoskins and Danielle Baskerville explore their anthology through an embodiment of time and place indifferently gauged. Phase Wash is motivated by how Jolene Bailie perceives energy, memories, thoughts, hopes and sensations.

D.A. Hoskins combines intellectual rigour with emotional wallop, resulting in works that engage hearts and minds.

- Toronto Life

Phase Wash…stripped to the bone of extraneous influence while focusing on the expressive power of movement itself.

- Holly Harris, The Dance Current

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