dance: made in canada/fait au canada - Morrison Series

August 15 - 18, 2019

princess productions

Choreographer(s): Emily Gualtieri & David Albert-Toth

David Albert-Toth
Simon Renaud
Luke Garwood
Mateo Galindo Torres

La Vie Attend transposes Hobbes’ social contract theory, and thus to the contract into which the contemporary audience member and the interpreter enter together, hope and fear in hand. GLORIOUS FRAGILITY - a dazzling work displaying shared "friendship, laughter and complicity, with uncertainties and exhaustion, using simplicity and poetry to treat dance in the most human way possible." Kismet: Opposing Destiny is a ritual that explores the choice between accepting fate or creating destiny.

La Vie Attend...opens the season with panache. From power, to fear, through waiting & silence, the viewer is lulled into a succession of choreographic, theatrical and architectural paintings, alternating between laughter, interrogation and hypnosis.

- Mélanie Boisliveau, DF DANSE

Zarif managed to take even those inexpert in his cultural heritage on a journey of discovery; spiritual and transcendent.

- – Michael Crabb, Dance International

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