Boy Falls From The Sky: Jake Epstein Live At Supermarket

July 4 - 13, 2019

Past Future Productions

Writer(s): Jake Epstein

Directed by:
Robert McQueen

Jake Epstein

He's been "that guy from Degrassi", then starred on Broadway in Beautiful and as Spider-Man. Not bad for a kid who dreamed about performing on Broadway since the backseat of his parents’ minivan on their annual road-trip to NYC. But dreams don’t always go as planned. Now through a series of funny and revealing stories and songs, he shares the rejection, stage fright and heartbreak behind a seemingly successful career in this showbiz tell-all. For anyone who’s ever tried to go after their dreams.

I’ve spent my life going after my singular dream of doing musicals on Broadway. And what’s crazy is that I achieved that dream. But the reality is that going after dreams can be complicated and filled with disappointments. This show is about that.

- Jake Epstein

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