Bella Donna

May 16 - June 1, 2019

Bella Donna Artists Collective

Playwright(s): David Copelin

Directed by:
Anita La Selva

Françoise Balthazar
Paul Hopkins
Martha Chaves
Chelsea Russell

In this dark comedy, LUCREZIA BORGIA is excommunicated as her husband DUKE ALFONSO D’ESTE of Ferrara dallies with his mistress ANGELA DiGHILINI. Disguised, Lucrezia goes to seek a secret audience with the Pope. There she meets GIOVANNI, a young soldier, who doesn’t realize who Lucrezia is and may be evidence of a guilty secret even more devastating to her. SISTER BIBIANA, Lucrezia’s confidante, is caught in the crossfire trying to protect her. As the evidence mounts, so do the dramatic stakes.

“A romp through the Italy and politics of the Borgia family, when Popes were politicians and not very holy ones at that. Savagely funny, sexy, saucy, and more than a little irreverent…”

- CBC Radio (Marichka Melnyk)

“With intrigue, irreverence and a whole lot of sinful sexiness humourously sprinkled throughout, the limits of passion, politics, religion and relationships are provocatively pushed…”

- She Does The City (Tanya Scholes)

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