Mary's Wedding

January 31 - February 16, 2019

Solo Productions

Playwright(s): Stephen Massicotte

Directed by:
Kent Staines

Fraser Elsdon
Kate Ross

When Mary and Charlie unexpectedly find one another sheltering in a barn during a thunderstorm a tentative love is born. But the year is 1914, and they must surrender their fates to the tumultuous times. Their love story extends from the fields of Canada's Prairies to the battlefields of France's Moreuil Wood, as the playwright weaves time, dreams, and memory together to remind us that the heart is beautifully resilient. Mary's Wedding is a moving memorial to both the Great War and great love.

Massicotte doesn’t push his anti-war message. He doesn’t have to. The charm of his romance juxtaposed against prosaic descriptions from the trenches - do it for him.

- San Francisco Chronicle

Richly theatrical and obviously demanding.

- Seattle Times

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