After the Fire

January 10 - 19, 2019

Co-produced by Punctuate! Theatre and Alberta Aboriginal Performing Arts in association with Native Earth Performing Arts and The Theatre Centre

Playwright(s): Matthew MacKenzie

Directed by:
Brendan McMurtry-Howlett

Sheldon Elter
Jesse Gervais
Kaitlyn Riordan
Louise Lambert

Set in the aftermath of the fire that nearly destroyed Fort McMurray in the summer of 2016, After the Fire is a dark comedy centered around two couples’ lives who have been deeply affected by the ‘natural’ disaster. This Indigenous-led, new Canadian work raises vital questions about continued industrial development in Fort McMurray and its effects on the environment, and the national cultural paradox of both condemning but intrinsically profiting from the exploitation of our natural resources.

What I personally find captivating about MacKenzie’s voice is his capacity to turn the tension between supposed binaries into creative energy, into something unexpected but powerful that drives his plays.

- Karen Fricker, The Toronto Star

Deceptively simple, the play is deeply spiritual and gives the best medicine possible after tragedy: cosmic comedy and earthly kinship of any who have lost and kept on going.

- Elder Jo-Ann Saddleback

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