Precious Legacies: Kathak Mahotsav Canada 2018

November 11, 2018

Rina Singha Kathak Dance Organization

Creator(s): Rina Singha

Directed by:
Rina Singha

Joanna de Souza
Reshmi Chetram
Rina Singha
Anjali Patil

In recognition of the induction of Rina Singha into the Encore! Dance Hall of Fame and to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Kathak Mahotsav Canada, Rina Singha Kathak Dance Organization presents Precious Legacies; a festival highlighting the key teachings and knowledge of the master gurus of Kathak.

If you think Indian classical dance isn’t your cup of tea, you could miss out on an astonishing experience – especially if the dancer-choreographer is Rina SIngha.

- Culture Watch

To see Rina SIngha perform is an extraordinary experience not soon forgotten.

- George Yamada, Rikka, Toronto

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