Asheq: Ritual Music to Cure a Lover

December 5 - 8, 2018

Onelight Theatre presented in association with Harbourfront Centre

Playwright(s): Shahin Sayadi

Directed by:
Shahin Sayadi

Shahin Sayadi

Asheq is set on the shores of the Persian Gulf where fishing for pearls and praying to the Sun Goddess, Mitra for protection have been central to village life for as long as anyone can remember. Tensions rise when a young man falls in love with an outcast woman, defying his father, Farhad, and the village – he must be under the influence of evil spirits. To restore order, the village elders call for an exorcism: ritual music to cure the lover.

“Compelling and unique storytelling … staging that feels wholly immersive”

- The Way I See It Theatre Blog

“An enchantment of light and music”

- NS Reviews, Elissa Bernard

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