Space Opera Zero!

November 16 - December 2, 2018

Eldritch Theatre

Playwright(s): Eric Woolfe

Directed by:
Dylan Trowbridge

Lisa Norton
Mairi Babb
Eric Woolfe

Thrill as a 1930s Earth Woman is rocket-planed to a distant planet! Swoon as a tragic love triangle endangers the universe. Gasp in terror as a wicked dog mutant and tentacled slug creature plot to destroy the pulchritudinous Space Princess. Earth Girl loves Space Girl, who is engaged to an warlike slug monster, and also happens to have a mutant dog-faced stalker willing to do whatever she wants just to have a one night with her.

"In the world of punk-tinged, Victorian-gothic puppeteering, Eric Woolfe must rank near the very top."

- The Globe & Mail

"Woolfe’s usage of his weird little really managed to subvert my expectations for a “puppet show.”

- Mooney on Theatre

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