October 25 - November 3, 2018

Opera Atelier

Composer(s): Charpentier & Rameau

Directed by:
Marshall Pynkoski

Colin Ainsworth
Mireille Asselin
Allyson McHardy
Meghan Lindsay

Actéon – the story of the young hunter turned into a stag – and Pygmalion – the story of a beautiful statue magically brought to life – are transformed into riveting operatic masterpieces in the hands of Charpentier and Rameau, two of the greatest composers in French music history. Canadian tenor Colin Ainsworth is featured in both title roles here in Toronto and on Opera Atelier's international tour to Chicago and Versailles, France.

…powerful, lyrical, emotional … dazzling

- Globe and Mail

…one is unlikely to find a better production anywhere else

- Toronto Star

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