We Are Not Alone

January 7 - 26, 2019

A Crow’s Theatre and Segal Centre for Performing Arts production in partnership with 2b theatre company

Playwright(s): Damien Atkins

Directed by:
Chris Abraham & Christian Barry

Damien Atkins

The real question is: what are they trying to tell us? In a world populated by mysterious sightings, videos of shapes moving in shadows and inexplicable crop circles, a playwright searches for answers. Are these occurrences a sign of otherworldly visitors, or are we being deceived? Multi- award-winning performer Damien Atkins invites you to experience a funny and moving theatrical ride into one of the most extraordinary and provocative subjects of our time.

"Brilliantly directed...finely tuned. A virtuoso performance by a talented actor with the best in minimalist set, prop and costume design, expertly nuanced lighting and pitch-perfect sound design. "


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