Kitchen Sink Drama at Toronto Fringe Festival

July 4 - 14, 2018

Kitchen Sink Productions

Playwright(s): Nina Kaye

Directed by:
Sandra Cardinal, Natalie Kaye, Nina Kaye, Collette Radau

Kelly Marie McKenna
Naseem Reesha
Mladen Obradovic
Andrea Irwin

Your $13 ticket to Kitchen Sink Drama includes four short plays and a serving of snacks!

Four plays in a kitchen! Five playwrights created brand new work to perform in a kitchen in Leslieville. Writers were given a unique flavour - Salty, Bitter, Umami, Sweet - to correspond with the Soup, Salad, Main, and Dessert course of a meal. The pieces they created are strange, powerful meditations on love, betrayal, grief and revenge. They are magical, delicious and proudly queer.

“Nina Kaye's writing makes you feel as if you have been dipped in acid and set on fire and then covered in sugar sprinkles"

- Burke Campbell, The Indie Critic

Nina Kaye is one of “our city’ s best emergent playwrights”

- Mooney on Theatre

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