The Jury

May 19 - 22, 2018

Hege Haagenrud

Choreographer(s): Hege Haagenrud
Composer(s): Rebekka Karijord

Directed by:
Hege Haagenrud

Caisa Strømmen Røstad
Catharina Vehre Gresslien

The Jury opens on two dancers performing contemporary dance to classical music. Suddenly, we hear whispering voices: “What are they doing? I don’t understand anything! This is boring!” One child appears on the screen in the background – then another, and another. The children stop the show. They decide that since they are children, and this is a performance for children, they should direct the performance. Who knows better than a child what a performance for children should be like? is the kind of provocation that gets audiences talking. It’s about what we want from art, the roles of spectator and performer and the power of the critical voice. It is also funny, clever and consummately executed.

- Mark Fisher, The Guardian

The Jury is ... entertaining for both children and adults

- Flossie Waite,

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