The Monkiest King

May 25 - 27, 2018

Canadian Children's Opera Company

Writer(s): Marjorie Chan
Composer(s): Alice Ping Yee Ho
Choreographer(s): Emily Cheung
Creator(s): Camellia Koo

Directed by:
Nina Lee Aquino

Members of the Canadian Children's Opera Company
Combined Chinese & Western chamber orchestra
Teri Dunn, Music Director
Xi Yi, Dancer

The Monkiest King follows the early feats of the young Sun Wukong as he learns humility and compassion through a series of adventures: his creation out of the elements, an escapade in the animal kingdom, trouble with the overbearing Jade Emperor and his soldiers, enlightenment by the goddess Kwanyin (Goddess of Mercy), culminating the rescue of a flooding village. This popular Chinese trickster character appears in everything from the classic novel Journey to the West to modern video games.

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