April 26 - 28, 2018

Against the Grain Theatre in association with Banff Centre of Arts and Creativity and Opera Columbus

Creator(s): Joel Ivany, Peggy Kriha Dye

directed by:
Joel Ivany

Siman Chung
Mireille Asselin
Marcy Richardson
The ensemble dancers of Company XIV

In Orphée⁺, the hero is portrayed as modern man who is grieving the death of his greatest love, Eurydice. We witness his traumatic journey, which takes him through the depths of sorrow in an attempt to bring back his lost love. Orphée's mourning is expressed through music, word, movement and technology.

Orphée⁺ boldly blends traditional orchestra with electric instruments. It also features burlesque-baroque dancers from NYC's Company XIV, and a global virtual chorus.

“We are looking to innovate and transform the way that this spectacular opera — which was cutting-edge when it first premiered — is presented and experienced.”

- Peggy Kriha Dye

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