Life Around The Ben: Book One & Book Two by ALLAN ROYAL

March 21 - 25, 2018


Playwright(s): Allan Royal

directed by:
Suzanne McKenney

Allan Royal

Ben Flicker is an ordinary Montreal kid with an appetite for questions and a propensity for ending up in one strange predicament after another.
Join Allan Royal in his stroll down the 1950’s and 60’s streets of Montreal as he delights us with his 25+ characters in two separate shows that influence, shape and enlighten a man in the making as Ben Flicker stumblingly turns each new corner in Life Around The Ben.
(Warning: This show contains humor and poignancy)

…Allan has an almost poetic turn of phrase; an elegant sense of expression. The writing is vivid… (review of The Disappearing Act by Allan Royal 2011)

- Lynn Slotkin- The Passionate Playgoer & The Slotkin Letter

Allan tells stories like no other…funny, touching and laced with insight

- Monica Parker- Actor/Writer/Author “Getting Waisted” & “OMG: How Children See God”

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