Episode 2: Grade 8 and Other Planets

March 28 - 29, 2018

timeshare + SMOOTHIELAND Performance Projects

Playwright(s): Marie Beath Badian, Rob Kempson and Julia Lederer with Lucy Campbell, Jason Houle, Curtis te Brinke, and Shayna Virginillo

directed by:
Marie Beath Badian

What happens when a new student arrives in a new school? In Episode II, the characters from SMOOTHIELAND are forced to confront their own perspectives when two new students arrive at Valley Park Middle School. Manal seems to have it all--she is popular but also kind--she has really found her stride at Valley Park. Meanwhile, JR won't let anybody in--he doesn't say anything to anyone, and he doesn't follow any of the school rules. How will they fit into this community?

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