Punk Rock

March 29 - April 14, 2018

The Howland Company

Playwright(s): Simon Stephens

directed by:
Gregory Prest

Members of The Howland Company
Tim Dowler-Coltman
Andrew Pimento
Sam Kalilieh

In the library of a fee-paying grammar school outside of Manchester, England, a group of hyper-intelligent seventeen-year-olds prepare for their final exams. As anxiety builds and hormones rage, the students must prepare for a future that seems uncertain – and survive the volatile rites-of-passage of an unstable world. A bubbling cauldron of fear, anger and self-loathing, PUNK ROCK is a painful reminder of the dormant violence that lurks in the shadows of any civilized society.

tender, ferocious and frightening

- The New York Times

Simon Stephens evokes the twilight world of the teenager with scary vividness.

- The Telegraph

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