After Wrestling

February 24 - March 18, 2018

Blood Pact Theatre

Playwright(s): Bryce Hodgson and Charlie Kerr

directed by:
Bryce Hodgson

Gabe Grey
Charlie Kerr
Libby Osler
Anthony Shim

When your best friend kills himself and Facebook stalking your ex-girlfriend just ain't what it used to be, look no further than rolling in duck feces and living in the park. Unfortunately for Hogan, his sister and the cops don't share his same enthusiasm for DIY self-help.

After Wrestling is a slacker-comedy turned suicide-mystery that finds itself in a booze- and grief- fuelled magic realism debate on love, life, and after-death.

Playwrights Bryce Hodgson and Charlie Kerr excel at sharp dialogue and rich subtext.

- NOW Magazine

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