Prevailing Voices

February 15 - 18, 2018

DanceWorks / CoWorks / Aria Evans / Lilia Leon

Choreographer(s): Aria Evans/ Lilia Leon
Composer(s): Robert Taylor/ Brandon Valdivia

Aria Evans (link)
Lilia Leon (Perdida)

Double-bill 2 solos. Two diverse artists share an interest in tackling themes of identity and self-empowerment for women.
Link by Aria Evans is a warrior dance about the blockades we come across in life. Focusing on the idea of forging ahead, asking the question; "what is my generation fighting for or against?".
Perdida by Lilia Leon combines dance, theatre and live music to portray a Mestizo woman’s journey to discover her ancestry and find the courage to build her own path in a new land.

If this is the work she (Evans) is producing at the beginning of her artistic journey then it will be exciting to witness what Evans will produce throughout the rest of her career.

- Mooney on Theatre

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