Paz de la Jolla

June 16 - 22, 2018

The National Ballet of Canada

Choreographer(s): Justin Peck

Harrison James
Hannah Fischer
Chelsy Meiss

In his 2013 work Paz de la Jolla, New York City Ballet dancer and Resident Choreographer Justin Peck has created a heartfelt and sun-washed homage to his southern California upbringing. Set to Martinů’s Sinfonietta la Jolla, the ballet is a gorgeously conceived, sweet-natured billet-doux to beach life and young love, the choreography both brisk and languid, salty and sensual, rich in emotional undercurrents and evocative of the pleasures and fears of youth and coming of age.

“After the triumph of his Year of the Rabbit in October, expectations soared like a kite on an updraft. [Paz de la Jolla] did not disappoint. [Mr. Peck]’s still flying.”

- The New York Times

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