Grab 'Em By The Pussy

October 26 - November 5, 2017

A Filament Incubator/Theatre Artaud Production

Playwright(s): Rouvan Silogix

directed by:
Rouvan Silogix

Bobby Del Rio
Amaka Umeh
Jerry Schaefer
Victoria Urquhart

Drawing from Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Nietzsche, we'll examine the rising populism/fascism in the world and trying to make sense of Brexit/Trumpian figures and beliefs; all told with the pomp and bang of circus and political satire. Touching on similar fascist movements, the show asks its audience to reconsider the "Whys" of the current global political landscape. Is the return-to-mainstream of the KKK & Neo-Nazis a freak occurrence, or whether we really should be worrying about the Bomb?

The remarkable number of great theatrical moments that came out of the Incubator’s first season is almost secondary to the achievement of making that many things, promoting that many voices and unlocking that many doors.

- Kelly Bedard, My Entertainment World

Under Rouvan Silogix's direction, there are lots of big, broad moments of humour [...] But there are also lots of subtle touches [...] The production's talented artistic team, of course, is beautifully diverse itself.

- Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

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