how to drown gracefully

September 27 - October 7, 2017

Filament Incubator

Playwright(s): Becky Tanton

directed by:
Andrew Markowiak, Laura Darby

Becky Tanton
Scott Marleau
Andrei Preda
Michelle Laplante

Heartbreak and horoscopes. Books unread and words unspoken.

Kat’s life is in disarray. As she attempts to pick up the pieces, she must confront the memories that have hurt her most, and the people that she’s hurt in return, all from the safety of her bathtub.

The remarkable number of great theatrical moments that came out of the Incubator’s first season is almost secondary to the achievement of making that many things, promoting that many voices and unlocking that many doors.

- Kelly Bedard, My Entertainment World

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