7th Cousins at St. Matt's

September 23 - 24, 2017

Nightwood Theatre

Playwright(s): Christine Brubaker, Erin Brubacher with Christopher Stanton, Andrea Nann, Kaitlin Hickey and Erum Khan

directed by:
Christopher Stanton

Christine Brubaker
Erin Brubacher

Nightwood is thrilled to present a series of pop-up performances by 7th Cousins throughout Toronto. This vital project asks, “How can we be together?” through both the personal and political perspective of two Canadian women who walked a 700 km journey through the Bible Belt of Pennsylvania, tracing the migration of their Mennonite ancestors. Described as an automythography, 7th Cousins explores truth and tales of a real and imagined past, present and future.

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