Lukumi: A Dub Opera

September 22 - October 14, 2017

The Watah Theatre

Playwright(s): d'bi.young anitafrika

directed by:
Eugene Williams

d'bi.young anitafrika
Najla Nubyanluv
Uche Kenzie
Sedina Fiati

Lukumi is an Afro futurist Dub Opera set in post-apocalypse Turtle Island in 2167, 150 years after WWIII. Widespread meltdown of nuclear power plants – due to global environmental degradation – made the surface of the earth uninhabitable. A group of freedom fighters called the Ohosi Mino live underground, where they are hunted by The One World Army. Having access to ancient knowledges, the Ahosi Mino must send a Lukumi on a vision quest to find humanity's redemption or to die trying.

...historical monument...cautionary tale

- My Entertainment World exceptionally powerful piece of theatre .

- Mooney on Theatre

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