dance: made in canada/fait au canada - Desnoyers Series

August 18 - 20, 2017

princess productions

Choreographer(s): Lauren Cook

Yvonne Coutts
Sasha Kleinplatz

The Eventual De-Expression of RGS2 reflects on the nature of gene expression and environmental influences. The duet integrates images imprinted from the psyche. Alias Dance Project takes it back to the way we were, “when our personalities were uninhibited, raw, excited, self-serving, and truthfully connected.” Chorus II is inspired by Kleinplatz’s memory of her grandfather swaying or davening as he recited prayers. An exploration of masculinity that evokes both strength and tenderness.

“The audience stared into the nutrient agar and waited for a eureka moment in the petri dish. We were in luck this time.”

- - Rebecca Galloway, Bachtrack (Montreal)

“Alias Dance Project is at the top of its game … these artists’ momentum show no sign of slowing – indeed, it appears to have accelerated.”

- - Colleen Snell, The Dance Current

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