dance: made in canada/fait au canada - Morrison Series

August 17 - 20, 2017

princess productions

Choreographer(s): Marie-Josèe Chartier

Naomi Brand
Hanna Kiel

Crépuscule is a physical and visual response to the musical work In the High Branches for string quartet and gamelan, written by Canadian composer Linda Catlin Smith and performed by eighteen emerging dance artists. Messages to an Audience takes a whimsical and metaphorical look at communication and the relationship between viewer and performer. Welcome to Our Home explores the strength behind the family bond. Witness the ups and downs around a family’s drama, conflicts, and inner workings.

“Dance at its best speaks its own mysterious yet powerfully communicative language and Chartier is fluent in it.”

- Michael Crabb, Toronto Star

“Naomi Brand reaches audiences at a visceral and visual level in her solo and duet choreography.”

- Lee Elliott, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Awards

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