HOGTOWN: The Immersive Experience

July 13 - August 20, 2017

The Hogtown Collective

Writer(s): Drew Carnwath, Sam Rosenthal
Composer(s): Douglas Price, Paul Humphrey
Choreographer(s): Nicola Pantin
Creator(s): Drew Carnwath, Sam Rosenthal

directed by:
Sam Rosenthal

Jorge Molina
Karen Slater
Arinea Hermans
Dan Willmott

An immersive, site specific theatre experience set in Toronto's 1920's. It’s the night before a critical mayoral election that will determine the future of the city. Although
prohibition is still in effect, that’s not stopping tonight’s host, union boss Bob Delacourt, from opening the doors to the hottest gin joint in the city. Add to the mix a house filled with politicians and police, aspiring showgirls and gun molls, speakeasies and temperance women, surprise guests and hapless moonshiners.

Hottest Ticket In Town

- The Globe & Mail

An Exhilarating Experience; NNNN

- NOW Magazine

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