Morro and Jasp in Stupefaction

June 14 - 29, 2017

Produced by Kabin and U.N.I.T. Productions

Creator(s): Heather Marie Annis, Amy Lee, Byron Laviolette
Playwright(s): Heather Marie Annis, Amy Lee

directed by:
Byron Laviolette

Morro & Jasp
Sefton Jackson
Anand Rajaram
Elliott Loran

This brand new show follows Morro and Jasp on a search for meaning as they interpret a series of bizarre happenings and encounters with mysterious strangers as signs from the divine.

United in their awe, Morro and Jasp attempt to craft the rules of a new faith, but come up against each other’s ideas of what or who they are worshipping. This turns clown against clown and forces the sisters to ask – can anyone ever truly tell someone else what is worth believing in?

Gleefully irreverent comedy that’s so sweetly refreshing you forget it’s intended for grownups

- Xtra

Two of the most original clowns on the Canadian scene"

- The Toronto Star

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