strangers, babies

May 11 - 28, 2017

Theatre PANIK

Playwright(s): Linda McLean

directed by:
Paul Lampert

Niki Landau
Richard Lee
Jeff Lillico
David Schurmann

Can society every let go of the past? Immerse yourself in "strangers, babies", the Canadian premiere of award-winning Scottish indie playwright Linda McLean, and witness the mystery of May - a woman desperately trying to leave her past behind. As you physically follow the action from scene to scene, sometimes finding yourself in an apartment, sometimes "peeping" into a motel room, you will meet each of the men in May's life, and piece together the clues that justify her bid for freedom.

"STRANGERS sucks you in from the first fleeting flash of insight… [McLean has] such a stark, penetrating voice that you are willing to go wherever she dares to lead.”

- Mercury News, San Francisco

"It's likely to reorient your thinking about redemption."

- Time Out, Chicago

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