Dom Juan

May 10 - 28, 2017

Théâtre français de Toronto

Playwright(s): Molière

directed by:
Joël Beddows

Pierre Simpson
Marcelo Arroyo
Lina Blais
Sophie Goulet

Rebellious libertine. Incorrigible skirt-chaser. Dom Juan does not want to be a son. He does not want to be a husband. Nor does he want to be a master. Or worse —a hypocrite. Dom Juan simply seeks the freedom to seduce women without restraint and most importantly, without ever having to deal with the consequences! But can one really live a life of limitless conquests, running away from accountability each time, and never pay the heavy price of judgment?

All the pleasure of love subsists in change.

- Molière

Hypocrisy is a fashionable vice, and all fashionable vices pass for virtues.

- Molière

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