Raging Dreams: into the visceral

May 3 - 6, 2017

Theatre Gargantua

Playwright(s): Meryn Cadell and Jacquie PA Thomas

directed by:
Jacquie PA Thomas

Michelle Polak
Michael Spence

Raging Dreams: into the visceral is a pulse-stopping, multi-sensory experience that delves into the impact of societal violence on the subconscious. Suspended mid-air, and underscored by live percussion, the performers guide audience on a visceral journey meditating on the perpetuation of violence in our culture and challenging our norms.

Spectacular...performed largely in mid-air, it is filled with visual beauty.

- The Globe & Mail

The piece demands intimate examination of our repulsion and fascination with violence, and Cadell is an expert observer … very impressive … engrossing.

- NOW Magazine

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