Boys With Cars

March 23 - April 1, 2017

Nightswimming in association with Young People's Theatre

Playwright(s): Anita Majumdar
Choreographer(s): Anita Majumdar

directed by:
Brian Quirt

Anita Majumdar

Boys With Cars explores issues around unchecked male privilege, female empowerment, and what constitutes consent. The show contrasts the experiences of an Indo-Canadian high school girl trying desperately to fit in, with the life of the popular girl who seems to have everything. It’s a compelling fusion of dynamic theatre and classical Indian dance. Adapted for young audiences from Anita Majumdar’s acclaimed solo plays, The Fish Eyes Trilogy.

Superbly written and acted, it leaves the audience breathless.

- Capital Critics’ Circle

Dance, theatre and social commentary combine with expert choreography, glittering costumes and a dark underbelly to reveal a different and necessary side of the Canadian multi-cultural dialogue.

- Janis Lacouvee, Arts Writer, Victoria BC

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