March 16 - 19, 2017

Compania Carmen Romero

Choreographer(s): Carmen Romero and Oscar Nieto
Composer(s): Benjamin Barrile
Creator(s): Carmen Romero, Oscar Nieto & Karin Randoja

directed by:
Karin Randoja

Carmen Romero
Benjamin Barrile
Alejandro Céspedes
Stephanie Pedraza

A contemporary flamenco performance evoking a man, his daughter, and the scars they both carry. A woman grieves the loss of her father, and through letters, photographs and talismans, tries to uncover the mysteries of who he was. In search of understanding and catharsis, JACINTO examines the dark angels within us: the black crow inside one’s heart, the fear and pain that is passed on, generation to generation. It can lie dormant within us, but it also wants to free us; it dances out the fear.

Earthy - from- the gut Flamenco.

- Toronto Star

With power and feeling, Carmen Romero holds us spellbound, then awakens us - reverberating from within or exploding like a bomb.

- Le Devoir

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