February 23 - 26, 2017

Théâtre du Trillium

Playwright(s): Anne-Marie White

directed by:
Anne-Marie White

Marc-André Charette
Nicolas Desfossés
Marie-Ève Fortier
Alexandre-David Gagnon

Somewhere between Ray Charles' I can't stop loving you and McDonald's publicity jingles; somewhere between the deep nostalgia for a time when everything seemed possible and today’s world and its lack of cultural markers; somewhere between wanting to plant roots and the need to escape… lies our collective and individual sense of selfhood. From spoken words to dance, from singing to personal testimony, witness a colourful, vibrant and ingenious example of the paradoxes that define today’s society.

#StarvingPigeons will happily shake the nostalgia for an era that we sometimes love to imagine as simpler or more exciting.

- Alexandre Cadieux – Le Devoir

Through multiple voices and chorus, the play describes the struggle of contemporary ideologies in a world disoriented by the effects of Americanization, the development of consumer society, and material comfort.

- Maud Cucchi – Le Droit

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