A Merry Munsch Pyjama Party

February 18 - April 16, 2017

Solar Stage

Writer(s): Robert Munsch, Roger Rousseau

directed by:
Dahlia Katz, M. John Kennedy

Rashaana Cumberbatch
Erick Fournier
Annelise Hawrylak
Paul Stafford

Put on your PJs and jam with us! Based on: Get Out of Bed; Roar; We Share Everything; No Clean Clothes; & Pyjama Day. Mr. Munsch's signature sense of humour makes even grown-ups feel like kids. This show will make your heart giggle and be as much fun as staying up past your bedtime. We present our Munsch shows with minimalistic design, maximum athletic display and a try-this-at-home attitude that highlights the spirit of play characteristic of Mr. Munsch and the versatility of our performers.

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