January 29 - February 19, 2017

The Company Theatre

Playwright(s): Annie Baker

directed by:
Johnathan Goad

Nancy Beatty
Nora McLellan
Philip Riccio
Loretta Yu

A cheerful innkeeper. A young couple struggling to stay together. Thousands of inanimate objects, watching. A simple enough description, but Annie Baker's fascinating play takes a look at what theatre can be and builds a world all its own. Baker's hyper-realism bleeds into the eerily super-natural in this quiet tale, where actors and audiences alike delve into ideas of self, mortality, and the solitude of human experience.

Annie Baker's 'John' is so good on so many levels that it casts a unique and brilliant light.

- The New Yorker

Ms. Baker's haunting and haunted meditation on topics she has made so singularly her own: the omnipresence of loneliness in human life, and the troubled search for love and lasting connection.

- The New York Times

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