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hipTIX is an exclusive ticket program for high school and university students ages 14 – 29.

hipTIX makes theatre more affordable by offering $5 STUDENT TICKETS to Toronto’s hottest theatre, dance, comedy and opera productions!

hipTIX is an active community program that partners with valued member companies of TAPA to collectively grow Toronto’s youth audiences by promoting exciting and affordable theatre experiences. By pairing $5 hipTIX with information about available education programs, students can experience the arts independently, gaining a unique perspective on the work being produced on Toronto’s stages.

hipTIX lets students take charge of their own ticket buying process and encourages them to make the performing arts their entertainment option of choice for years to come.

hipTIX launched in 2006.


Expanding the scope of available ticket inventory to include larger-scale venues and productions.

hipTIX partnered with Mirvish Productions and Soulpepper Theatre Company to offer $25 student tickets to select shows in the their calendars. These shows will be featured alongside existing hipTIX inventory on whatsontonight.ca and www.hiptix.ca websites.

hipTIX and hipTIXplus are programs operated by TAPA, The Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts.